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Image by Victoria Priessnitz


An ancient method of hair removal made contemporary

Looking for a method of hair removal that is both natural and traditional? Sugaring is an advanced

way of looking at getting rid of unwanted body and facial hair, using both age-old methods and eco-

friendly alternatives.

Whilst waxing has always been the favourite hair removal method among modern beauty therapists

and their clients, Sugaring has emerged as an evolved and updated ancient Egyptian method and is

fast gaining popularity due to it’s cleaner and greener use of materials.

The theory behind this technique is a simple one – A specialist, organic sugar paste, made simply

from three ingredients (sugar, water and citric acid), is applied to the body. This is then flicked off in

a quick, fluid motion, so removing with it any unwanted hairs. The paste is applied and removed

entirely by hand, so there is no need for the use of any sticks or strips – meaning no waste!

This artistic and specialist method is called moulding, and takes time, patience and plenty of practice

for any therapist to master. The effectiveness of sugaring as a beauty treatment is almost entirely

down to technique, accompanied by the therapist’s ability to understand the product, and the high

quality of the paste itself.

This requirement for pioneering training and skill, along with the eco benefits of Sugaring, is why it

has become a state-of-the-art treatment worth investing in.

Sweet and Sensuous Reasons Sugaring is for You:

Refreshingly Natural and Cruelty Free -

Everything a caring and discerning client wants to hear - Sugaring is eco-friendly, hypoallergic, free

from unnecessary waste, organic, fair trade, never tested on animals and 100% NATURAL.

No feeling the burn –

The organic sugar paste only needs to be body temperature to be totally effective at removing even

the most stubborn hairs, so no there is no risk of burning the skin.

Alternative Extraction –

Removing the hairs in the direction in which they grow creates two of the main benefits to Sugaring.

Removal of shorter hairs, even those less than 2mm long, and also LESS INGROWN HAIRS as they

reappear later on.

Down with Discomfort! –

Simply put, clients agree that Sugaring is less painful than other methods of hair removal. This is all

down to the fluidity and gentle technique of the therapist, combined with the low heat and

extraction of the hairs in the direction of their growth. The Sugar paste is also water soluble,

meaning there is no risk of lifting the skin, and it’s easy to clean up!

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